Linux/Network Engineer at Quantiq Partners (Los Angeles, CA)

Quantiq Partners

Software Engineer Full Time

Quantiq Partners is a high frequency trading company.  You will work with a small team to manage, deploy, and improve our hardware infrastructure.  We deal exclusively with bare metal servers (no virtualization, aws, etc) deployed both onsite and colocated remotely at the trading venues.  We strive to minimize complexity without sacrificing performance, and this naturally leads us to prefer smaller deployments managed with established tools that can be easily automated.  We are very much against the "throw more hardware at it" design philosophy as we have found that most problems can be solved with better system architecture.  We are looking for someone with "full stack" experience who can design servers and networks, manage our linux distribution (tuning, C++/Python environments, users and groups, etc), implement devops procedures, and write monitoring tools. 

About You:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science/Engineering, or a hard science.

  • Extensive Linux experience.  You should be very comfortable with shell scripting.

  • Familiarity with Linux tuning focused on deterministic performance, including real time kernels.

  • You understand network protocols, including TCP, UDP, IGMP, and BGP.

  • You could explain reverse path filtering to us.

  • Experience in a sysadmin role controlling access to files and programs and managing C++/Python distributions.

  • You have configured servers before and are familiar with remote management tools like iDRAC.

  • Programming knowledge (C/C++/Python) is a plus.

  • Prior experience at a trading company is ideal but not required.

  • You love to talk through problems and are as happy being wrong as right if it means you've learned something. 

If you fail to check all the boxes but can strongly check others please don't hesitate to contact us.  We're looking for talented people, not some imaginary perfect fit.